CRI Canada offers credit unions the marketing tools needed to ensure their members are aware of the products available to help protect them from financial pressures during difficult times. CRI Canada has developed simple, eye-catching marketing material to display in your credit union, in newsletters and to include with statements or direct mail. CRI's Turnkey Marketing Kits feature "ready-to-go" marketing components for each insurance product, letting you expand your credit union's marketing efforts at no charge to your credit union.

Print Marketing

CRI Canada offers marketing material to promote the creditor insurance products that are available to your members in the form of brochures, posters and counter cards.

Digital Marketing

CRI Canada can provide promotional material in a digital format to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information as certain specification information is required.

Newsletter Material

Educate your members on the importance of creditor insurance by using the newsletter articles that CRI Canada has available. These articles highlight the benefits of and encourage your members to contact your credit union. They are “Copyright Free” and can be used without acknowledgement of source.

We can also provide you with any of the Print Marketing material in a black and white, camera ready format to include in your newsletter.

Mail Inserts

CRI Canada can provide your credit union with marketing pieces to include in your statements to promote debt protection.


CRI Canada has worked with many credit unions to create a strong sales culture by implementing incentive contests. These contests are designed to instill excitement and enthusiasm amongst your lenders which will ultimately increase insurance participation and revenue.


CRI Canada holds a variety of contests throughout the year which have proven to be a popular way for credit unions to have fun with other credit unions in their region while increasing revenue. Prizes are awarded randomly through a draw process as well as for sales excellence.

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