Lending Technology

Lending Technology

CRI Canada offers several robust technology options, all of which serve as complete lending workflow management systems. These products streamline processes for loan officers, approval managers and administration staff and interface to all major banking platforms and key third-party vendors such as CMHC and Genworth.

CRI Canada offers an array of technology in order to tailor a solution that best suit your credit union’s needs. In addition, a basic or comprehensive commercial and agricultural component is available depending on the application chosen.

CRI Canada is committed to developing these systems to be as powerful and efficient as possible, allowing credit unions more time to assist their members in other areas. CRI Canada can provide lending solutions to meet the needs of any credit union, regardless of asset size or number of branches.

CRI Canada’s Next Generation in Credit Union Innovation. CRIterion14 provides your credit union with a credit management and decisioning system that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your lending operations, helping you grow revenue and increase margins. The CRIterion14 platform is the result of continuous innovation based on emerging technology trends and market research, balanced against the years of experience supporting our credit union partners. CRI Canada has factored many of the anticipated future needs and considerations into our CRIterion14 solution, including:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Architecture: CRIterion14 is delivered over a secured internet connection
  • Mobile Device and Browser Support with HTML 5 Technology: Touch-optimized mobile application that operates across a range of mobile devices/browsers in a coordinated fashion
  • Automated Decisioning: Gives users the ability to configure decision rules in CRIterion14 around loan products and lending policies
  • Imaging Archiving Systems: Reducing the overall environmental footprint of your system moving towards a paperless environment with the benefits of reduced storage, flexible/faster document retrieval, improved security, disaster recovery, and improved regulatory compliance
  • Member-Facing Applications: Innovative channels and processes capable of reaching out to both members and non-members over shorter turn-around times

Our new member facing solution to enhance member engagement and interaction in a virtual environment. The KonekRelateTM member facing credit application is a solution that allows members and potential members to remotely and independently submit applications for credit union lending products online. It is our technology solution that will encompass our overall public member engagement. Online lending will be the core/initial functionality the initial development released with CRIterion14 , but will eventually include other member facing applications like account opening. KonekRelateTM is CRI Canada’s solution for our credit union’s interaction with members in the virtual world.

Our new, robust insurance sales/processing interface designed to help drive insurance sales, improve bottom lines and help our lenders uncover member needs. It is our solution that will aid lenders in the presentation, education, sale, and fulfillment of credit insurance products inside the lending process.

This solution will:

  • Be integrated with our LOS technology (CRIterion14 and ProBE®)
  • Function in conjunction with other 3rd party Loans Origination System technologies (LOS), or work independently

    Key features and benefits include:

  • Intelligent and configurable product packaging
  • Smart question embedded in the loan application
  • Quick quoting
  • Enhanced insurance waiver tracking (for improved performance reporting)
  • Rapid deployment into all lending technologies

  • ProBE is a cutting edge, end-to-end commercial and agricultural loan origination system. It has been designed to increase efficiency, improve consistency and enhance competitiveness in the SME credit union market. In addition to comprehensive financial, ratio and security analysis, ProBE offers you flow-through processing for a complete commercial and agricultural lending solution. It supports the full range of commercial lending from owner-operated, home-based businesses to multi-divisional enterprises. This web-based technology will meet all of Canada’s commercial and agricultural lending needs.

    IdealLender allows your lenders to instantly receive decision recommendations. This tool not only ensures the consistent use of risk-based pricing but also provides lenders with up-sell and cross-sell recommendations. IdealLender offers decision strategies for a dozen application types, each with numerous, different parameters allowing you to customize based on your credit union’s business rules, rates and limits. Our decision strategies use a combination of application data, business rules and risk-based pricing, as defined by your credit union. IdealLender provides an out-of-the-box decisioning system yet it is highly flexible and customizable, ensuring consistent credit decisions every time.

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