Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

The CRI Canada Ltd. (CRI Canada) website is not intended to be a solicitation of insurance. This site is intended to provide public and general information. This information is intended but not promised or guaranteed to be correct, complete or up to date. The owner of this website is a marketing agency affiliate of Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company.

The products described may or may not be authorized in your province. No information provided on this website is intended to be confidential or sensitive. Please note that your use in response to a request for information through this website may not be protected notwithstanding our attempt to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of any respondent. The existence of any particular link in this website is simply intended to imply potential interest to the reader, but may not be construed as any sponsorship or recommendation by us. All insurance products described are underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company or one of our strategic partners. These products may or may not be available in your province and may or may not be of a good value to you. Always read any certificate of insurance or policy which may be issued to you to assure the coverages provided are those you intended to purchase. CRI Canada and its affiliates market products in the United States and Canada only. The noninsurance services described to credit unions are made available on a non-commercial basis only. The logo of CRI Canada and its affiliates' software products are proprietary.

These logos and/or software have been or may be copyrighted or trademarked (as appropriate). No reader of this information may use or sell any product or service for commercial reasons unless under a license agreement. No visitor to our website may, without our express permission, take any portion of the information displayed in this website and reformat or redisplay it. The layout and product names, descriptions and information provided may have been copyrighted. No reader may mirror or use the website in creating its own website. If you have any questions or would like to make commercial use of any of these products described or would like to assist us in the sale of any of the insurance products listed, please call Credit Union Sales.

The CRI Canada name is used under a license issued by Creditor Resources, Inc. CRI Canada is a marketing name attributed to the group insurance business underwritten by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company and insurance-related products licensed through Creditor Resources, Inc.

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