CRI Canada Learning Grant

CRI Canada Learning Grant

CRI Canada has been a true credit union co-operative partner for over 30 years; maintaining programs that deliver strong financial benefits to both the credit union and its’ membership. Last year CRI Canada delivered more than $22 million to Canadian credit unions' bottom line and returning in excess of $172 million to the cooperative system over our history.

CRI Canada believes in the critical role credit unions play in their communities and looks to support those efforts in many ways. The majority of our efforts occur behind-the-scenes to ensure each credit union is emulated within the communities they serve.

2017 Learning Grant

Please choose from the province of your credit union.

Each year CRI Canada gives back to our credit union communities in the form of Learning Grants. These grants are an investment in promoting the benefits of membership in Canadian Credit Unions.

Last year we had a total of 328 applicants.

The accomplishments of all the applicants are simply outstanding! Many of the students demonstrate a high level of commitment academically, artistically, athletically and through their ongoing involvement in the communities they live in. By providing financial assistance to young credit union members, CRI Canada helps credit unions build a strong connection with our youth.

The selection committee for each province consisted of Credit Union Staff and they were given the difficult task of adjudicating submissions and determining the finalists for their respective regions.

Below are the 2017 recipients:

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